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With each new issue of the Trust after Betrayal newsletter, we provide a concise and impactful insight into a concept, framework or policy recommendation that recently emerged from our research.

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This Research Brief questions the conceptual adequacy of the term "reintegration", which is almost universally applied in the literature on Formerly Armed Actor (FAA) transitions to civilian life.

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This Research Brief offers an approach through which (re)integration programmes and policies can take advantage of the strengths associated with armed group membership.


This Research Brief delves into the dynamic of climate change, environmental degradation, and conflict through empirical examples from three continents and showcases mechanisms to address it.


This Research Brief presents a framework for thinking about disengagement as a social network enterprise to support a holistic analysis of Formerly Armed Actors' (FAAs) trajectories.


This Research Brief proposes methods to deconstruct widespread stigmas against Formerly Armed Actors (FAAs) that hinder their (re)integration into civilian communities.

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