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Trust after Betrayal Research Brief Series


Research Brief: Deconstructing the Formerly Armed Actor Threat Stigma

Author(s): Jonathan Röders; Mari Mirasol

Published: January 2023

This research brief highlights the critical importance of deconstructing the threat stigma associated with formerly armed actors (FAAs) to ensure a more inclusive and successful (re)integration process. By challenging the prevailing perception that FAAs are inherently violent beings, disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration (DDR) programmes can promote societal acceptance and prevent the marginalisation of FAAs. Public awareness campaigns that contribute to a more nuanced understanding of their backgrounds play a key role in reshaping community perceptions and empowering FAAs as active agents in the (re)integration process. Recognising them as individuals with complex motives and experiences, avoiding stigmatising language and providing targeted support and opportunities for their social reintegration, enhance their chances of becoming valued and productive members of their communities.

To cite this research brief:
Röders, Jonathan and Mirasol, Mari. 2023. “Research Brief: Deconstructing the Formerly Armed Actor Threat Stigma”. Trust After Betrayal. 

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