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Trust after Betrayal Research Brief Series


Research Brief:
Creative and Embodied Peacebuilding

Author(s): Jonathan Röders and Dr Evelyn Pauls

Published: July 2023

This research brief delves into the transformative potential of creative and embodied peacebuilding methods in (post-)conflict contexts. It highlights the importance of addressing the affective dimension of conflict often overlooked in conventional, dispassionate approaches and showcases how different art forms and sports enable individuals to cope with trauma and manage their emotions while fostering trust and empathy. By embracing these methods, societies can rebuild their social fabric by promoting a shared sense of humanity and challenging divisive legacies. Furthermore, these methods are a way to help decolonise peacebuilding research and practice by incorporating local forms of artistic expression, unveil particularised experiences and embrace community-defined success criteria. The brief offers key points for practitioners to integrate these methods effectively and participatorily, emphasising their potential for healing and growth at both individual and community levels.

To cite this research brief:
Röders, Jonathan and Pauls, Evelyn. 2023. “Research Brief: Creative and Embodied Peacebuilding”. Trust After Betrayal. 

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