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Trust after Betrayal Research Brief Series


Research Brief

Implications of In-Group Hierarchies
for Formerly Armed Actor Reintegration

Author(s): Luke Magyar and Jonathan Röders

Published: April 2024

This Research Brief explores the implications of armed group hierarchies on the reintegration pathways of formerly armed actors (FAAs). It highlights how ranks within armed groups significantly shape key determinants of succesful reintegration, such as skill sets, financial security, traumatic exposure, and access to networks post-demobilisation and how reintegration programmes often entrench disparities between higher and lower ranking FAAs. By comparing dynamics within state-sponsored militaries and across centralised and decentralised non-state armed groups (NSAGs), the Research Brief advocates for nuanced strategies that recognise the complex interplay of network dynamics and hierarchies on FAA positionalities after demobilisation to foster more equitable reintegration outcomes for FAAs. Additionally, this brief includes a quadrant graphic offering an assessment of different FAA reintegration scenarios based on hierarchies, centralisation, and reintegration programming strength.

To cite this research brief:
Magyar, Luke and Röders, Jonathan. 2024. “Implications of Armed Group Hierarchies for Formerly Armed Actor Reintegration”. Trust After Betrayal Research Brief Series. 

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