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Trust after Betrayal Research Brief Series

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Research Brief: The Strengths-Based Approach to Formerly Armed Actor (Re)Integration

Author(s): Jonathan Röders; Dr Erin McFee

Published: December 2022

This research brief advocates for a strengths-based approach to (re)integrating formerly armed actors (FAAs) into their receiving communities. Rather than erasing their identities and experiences in armed groups, this approach recognises the value of their skills, knowledge, and supportive social connections gained in the armed group. By leveraging these strengths, policymakers and program designers can facilitate a more effective and sustainable (re)integration process. The brief highlights the potential of skills, such as technical expertise and leadership capabilities, as well as positive forms of socialisation within armed groups enabling, for instance, empowerment opportunities for female FAAs in challenging gender norms. By embracing continuity and building upon FAAs' past experiences, (re)integration efforts can foster positive impacts on individuals and their communities.

To cite this research brief:
Röders, Jonathan and McFee, Erin. 2022. “Research Brief: The Strengths-Based Approach to Formerly Armed Actor (Re)Integration”. Trust After Betrayal. 

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