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Trust & Peacebuilding 
Roundtable Discussion Series

The Violence, Security and Peace (VSP) Network's four-part Trust & Peacebuilding Roundtable Discussion Series adopts a trust-based approach to analysing organisations, policies, and individuals restoring the social fabric of their societies. Join us for interactive webinars with scholars, practitioners, and conflict-affected populations to debate, identify and develop critical elements of violence, security, peace, and trust in fragile contexts. 

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Bridging the Trust Gap

Trust features as the uniting thread connecting our diverse works and fields. It builds on the premise that complex social changes for sustainable peacebuilding require (re)constructing trust among violence-affected actors. Since trust is a critical consideration in daily life in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, academics, practitioners and policymakers must address it. Despite its importance, policy and programme initiatives rarely target trust directly, even though it is essential to reconciliation and all forms of economic and political life. This Series thus explores sustainable peacebuilding and the reconstruction of the social fabric in conflict-affected contexts from a trust-centred perspective.

Each webinar convenes various scholars, practitioners, and conflict-affected populations to debate, identify and develop critical elements of violence, security, peace, and trust in fragile and violence-affected contexts. Conversations will address topics such as the breakdown of trust at multiple levels of society, distinctions between horizontal and vertical trust, the relative roles of interpersonal and institutional trust, and the securitisation and weaponisation of trust. They will also foreground scenarios in which trust-building contributed to the sustainable transformation of lives and horizons by those most impacted by violence and insecurity. Each Roundtable Discussion (approximately one hour) has been designed to be highly participatory and foster lively debates among participants and audience members.

All session recordings:

16 February 2023

11:00 (EST) / 16:00 (GMT)

02 March 2023

11:00 (EST) / 16:00 (GMT)

06 April 2023

11:00 (EST) / 16:00 (GMT)

20 April 2023

11:00 (EST) / 16:00 (GMT)

About the Hosts

The VSP Network's Trust & Peacebuilding Roundtable Discussion Series represents a joint initiative between the Trust After Betrayal project at the London School of Economics (LSE) Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) and the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at the George Mason University.

The Violence Security Peace (VSP) Network aims to promote global, cross-sector and multi-stakeholder collaborations related to trust-building in contexts trying to find their way out of war and other forms of organised violence. Funded by the AHRC UN Trust & Peacebuilding initiative, the VSP Network led a virtual conference in June 2022 to develop a shared understanding of core concepts and the role of trust in violence-affected contexts. The conference brought together scholars, practitioners, officials and violence-affected individuals from the Americas, the United Kingdom, Europe and China to promote collaborations for long-term quality-of-life improvements for those living in these settings. 

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