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The Trust after Betrayal team regularly contributes to scholarly and policy-oriented content around the world. The following is a shortlist.

Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract
Paper Abstract

Masculinity and Moral Sonhood among Former Non-State Armed Group (NSAG) Members in Mexico and Colombia (2021)

McFee, Erin K., and Cecilia Dedios Sanguineti

Research into the gendered understandings of family roles among former members of NSAGs and their family members drives the development of the concept of moral sonhood - i.e., what sons think and do about shared understandings of what it means to be a good son.

Bureaucracy, Justice and the State in a Post-Accord Colombia (2020)

McFee, Erin K. and Jennifer Curtis (Eds.)

Introduction and essay on the role of state discourse about “making a presence” in Colombia in shaping dynamics of reconciliation in the years leading up to and following the 2016 Havana Peace Accord. Co-edited collection with Jennifer Curtis for the Political and Legal Anthropology Review.

Excombatants and the Peace Accord with the FARC-EP in Colombia: Balance of the Early Phase. (Spanish) (2019)

McFee, Erin K. and Angelika Rettberg (Eds.)

Introduction and chapter on intergroup relations between the demobilizing FARC guerrillas, Colombian Army, United Nations, and local communities in the disarmament transition zones. Co-edited volume with Angelika Rettberg.

Frontera Combustible: Conceptualising the State Through the Experiences of Petrol Smugglers in the Colombian/Venezuelan Borderlands of Norte de Santander/Táchira (2018)

Beach, Charles

The article aims to describe how petrol vendors, transporters and smugglers conceptualise the state and how they negotiate and interact with state actors present in the borderlands. It engages in an anthropology of the state through the ethnographic lens of organised informal workers.

The Contested Promise of Peace: Social Representations of Peace and the Posacuerdo Citizen-Subject in Colombia

McFee, Erin K. 

This paper draws on social representations theory and fieldwork conducted during the Colombian Peace Process in Caquetá, Colombia (2014-2015) to argue that competing discourses on the significance of "peace" for the country are a key site of contestation for setting the terms of the "post-accord" citizen-subject.

The Double Bind of “Playing Double”: Passing and Identity among Ex-Combatants in Colombia

McFee, Erin K. 

Drawing on ethnographic work conducted through the Colombian Agency for Reintegration, this work demonstrates how ex-combatants must “play double”: as repentant ex-combatants to the state and as “regular” citizens to civil society. These identity demands and performances undermine efforts to address the stigma and discrimination that they face post-demobilization.

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